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and the amazing video captured by dash cams in russia. >>> good evening, i'm bait baits. 33 people were injured in a nascar race when a crash sent people went into the fence. several cars collided impact sent a car into the air. laugh a part was ripped apart. crews have since fixed the fence. daytona 500 will go ahead as scheduled tomorrow. >> new details in the death aspiring oakland rapper kenny cherry, jr.. they tracked down a black range rover. they found it at an apartment complex east of the las vegas strip. they are looking for a 26-year-old man. two others were killed when the car he was driving crashed into a taxi. >> police are searching for the people who fired shots at an a.c. transit bus overnight. it happened at 55th and international boulevard other night. none the passengers was struck by gunfire but some of them had minor injuries after trying to escape the shots. >>> a gun buy-back was so popular ra it ran out of money. they collected 350 firearms. >> police officers from east palo alto, palo alto and men row park stacked the weapons. it was held in the east palo alto parking
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video caught on russia's reckless roads and why it's so easy to get great shots there. >> the growing controversy swirling around the vatican. >>> on oscar eve, the new >> ama: good evening. i'm ama daetz rapper and oakland native mc hammer claims this arrest was racially motivated. he hammer was charged with resisting arrest and suspicion of obstruction. >> las vegas police say 26-year-old ammar harris is a suspect the death in the death of kenny cherry. someone in the car opened fire on cherry, causing him to crash into a cab. at the cab burst into flames killing two people inside. >> police ran out of the $52,000 they had to buy back guns today with people still waiting in line. >>> the vatican is taking aim tonight at unconfirmed reports that it's suggested the pope is resigning so he won't face a scandal over priests charged with abuse, the vatican is arguing the media is trying to influence who will become the next pope. reporter: the vatican used the strongest possible language to condemn the news coverage. needs to defend the freedom of the college of cardinals to choose the n
: this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> ama: the amazing video caught on russia's reckless roads and why it's so easy to get great shots there. >> the growing controversy swirling around the vatican. >>> on oscar eve, the new >> ama: good evening. i'm ama daetz rapper and oakland native mc hammer claims this arrest was racially motivated. he hammer was charged with resisting arrest and suspicion of obstruction. >> las vegas police say 26-year-old ammar harris is a suspect the death in the death of kenny cherry. someone in the car opened fire on cherry, causing him to crash into a cab. at the cab burst into flames killing two people inside. >> police ran out of the $52,000 they had to buy back guns today with people still waiting in line. >>> the vatican is taking aim tonight at unconfirmed reports that it's suggested the pope is resigning so he won't face a scandal over priests charged with abuse, the vatican is arguing the media is trying to influence who will become the next pope. reporter: the vatican used the strongest possible language to condemn the news coverage. nee
of bipartisan consensus here at home. united states and russia accounts for the vast majority of the world's nuclear weapons with roughly 15,000 total warheads in the strategic-non- strategic basket. bilateral relations between the united states and russia are not what they have been in the most recent past. neither the united states nor russia faces issues were it requires them to be armed to the teeth were the effectiveness of each country's stock pile was proved to be prohibitively expensive. perhaps in past times, when the united states and russia targeted each other, the investment in maintaining the effectiveness of the stockpile was easily justified. discussion on the resize and content of the arsenal has been traditionally thought of in terms of threats, the size of the competing arsenal, geopolitical tensions, nato alliance security, etc. historically come a little consideration was given to funding the stockpile complex as there were general bipartisan and bicameral agreement in the intrinsic value of the nuclear arsenal strategically and as a deterrent. now, however, in the thir
. >>> welcome back to "press here." just after the meteor hit the grouped in russia, technically becoming a meteorite a man jumped in and registered the name russia meteor. what you might not expect is his one and only tweet. we have seen parody twitter accounts from the escaped python to a cutting fake bp oil. brad bury is the man behind the account. when he's not tweeting he's creating companies where he works as co-founder and chief marketing director. thank you for being with us this morning. explain to the audience very briefly who jeff jarvis is before we start making fun of him. he's been a guest on this show. a very nice man. explain who this person is. >> he is a professor of journalism and new media and proponent of tweeting. >> he's one of those maximize your social imprint sort of people. >> boosterism. >> yeah. and you find him uniquely funny, or parody-able. is that a word? >> yeah. >> he's a good emblem for a certain group of people. it's changing the world, changing everything. responsible for arab spring and so on. >> i want to read a couple so the audience understands wh
germany and france and u.s. and russia are scheduled to meet with iran and the economic sanctions. few have much optanism anything will come out of the talks. harris. >> conor, powell, thank you very much. >> a letter from a american is confirming his family's worst fears. the american pastor's wife said she knows her husband is torteured and receiving death threats. he's 32 years old and father of two who left his home in idaho to help start a orphan age in iran. his family received the letter from himp only the second one since his capture. he described physical and psychological torteur and acknowledge that all of the beatings are designed for one thing to get him to deny christ. they will never get this from me. the blade runner, oscar pistorius out of jail and reportedly trying to reach out to the family of his dead girlfriend reeva steenkamp. there is concerns that the south africa legal system could make it almost impossible for the legal system to convict this man. breaking news story details we just learned. 28 people are hurt tonight. debris flying in the stands in the final
and russia is awful. compared to our oil spims and there is it always a risk and a dange in getting these things, but don't we do it best? >> you will not have. if youment perfection go and live in a cave. this is private money willing to take the risk . how about easing restrictions on federal lands and have the fly. if pime want to put up the capitol for it great. we'll be the beneficial. >> environmentam i felt are against any plan to get oil. >> you might be getting a bit carried away. let me respond to a few things. to rich's point that it will create stability. if we could be assured that the oil coming in the refinement that oil would say in the u.s.. that is swell but that is not the case. the president is it pursuing the all of the above. epa is trying to make sure fraking remains safe. >> if flows in the gulf in the refineries and all over the mississippi they are gearing up for the new thicker oil sands from canada and they are preparing to convert that oil in gasoline? >> yeah, stability and volatility are important things. we all assume when we calk about oil as a commo
members that include the united states, china, it includes russia. russia is really neither an economic or military superpower except in regards to its nuclear arsenal. and then we have friends and britain and here we have two very much medium powers that are not economic heavyweights, you still exert a great deal of forward and influence in world affairs. a large part of that as leverage they security council itself. we have no india, no brazil, no party from outside this kind of frozen group. and this is, i think, an enormous problem for the security council and one that there's probably no structural way to overcome. the reason why is pretty simple. if you say to any of the current members, why did she set on down, france and britain come you guys had to combine in a single european union fee. and then there's a lot of hemming and hauling it in the meantime, germany pops up and says pet, we are actually one of the world's great economic superpowers. we have no military to speak of and we cannot do anything, but we pay for everything, so we actually deserve a seat. she say we know how
earth's atmosphere in russia and exploded in mid-air about 20 miles up. it shattered windows and the blast was brighter than multiple suns. in fact, subsequent measurements of how much energy it contained rivals 30 times that of the huroche mu bomb. it exploded so high up in the atmosphere. all that was left was the energy that remained after diluted into the space in which it exploded. later in the day, another asteroid that had a close approach, which we have known for about a year knowing the laws of physics and trajectory, you can see where it was going to come. it not only became between us and the moon, we have tracked many that did that. this one came inside our technological space. it came closer than our orbiting communication satellites. that one you take note of. that asteroid is half the size of a football field and the one that hit and exploded over russia and that is about a third of that size. we have no capacity to protect earth from things that small. >> so, what should we be doing? how scared should we be? >> we're just sitting ducks. >> the law of math, the
or broker a peace. probably with russia. give the syrian people an opportunity to determine their future and at least in the first stages, he's likely to be a part of that process. >> congressman engel, is that the choice? >> i think it is. i think it's time to armed the rebels. it needs help. we know who they are. it's time that we make that move. >> white house officials make two arguments against arming the rebels. one, you don't want them to have shoulder-fire missiles because of the threat to aircraft. number two, the opposition is getting what it needs right now from the gulf states. >> i'm not talking about that, i certainly there are other things that we can get to them. it's never the right time. always a time that could be better. i think we run the risk of seeing assad hang on for a long time. he's a bad player. back in 1979, when his father was in power, countries that aid and abet terrorism, syria was a chartered member of that. nothing has changed in syria. this has been a regime that governs with an iron fist. they murdered tens of thousands of their own people. almost 1 m
of your performance that has created so much importance turmoil in russia and in the world. i realize the other day the one piece that you have done that is the most important is a strange and beautiful factor action supported a woman's right to pray. i have been reading about money and male power in how important men are on colin's and paper money sometimes to men but women are rarely on many some of the meaning is a represents the imperial prayer between father and son. that is governing, history, religion , ideology based on men's imperial prayer also uttered more publicly and privately and that power will be passed from father to son and everyone will with is that display and worship of all the powers of the power especially the church. bring you asserted in your letter to the patriarch the sincerity of your prayer i wondered for a moment if you were being ingenuous. but the more it thought about it after reading the court documents, i realize what prayer is and was and female prisoners are kept hidden so there will be no spectacle of female power in the world. all actions must be
was describing them on the internet. there was a guy from russia that was on there talking about how he wanted them. i mean, it's big. i mean, it's crazy what some of these people do. the other things, too -- the other thing is when you do set up your facebook -- i have to tell but this, too. you can't just set up a facebook account and leave it and friend one person and hope to get more friends to come to you. you have to make it intriguing to them. how do we making intriguing? hot chick, exactly right. and there, if you just go to google search and put in, you know, hot girl, graffiti girl, we have one that has -- a picture -- was it your presentation that had the picture of the girl with that tagging on the side of her? there's tons of that out there. just grab one. just drop it out where her face ain't showing. once they see that picture right there, woo, i like it. you're going to get more and more that way. you also get some other things that go along with that. okay. we had a 56 year old man try to pick me up. [laughter] >> he's like, really like your tattoo. like really? so, i sent him
and russia have military planning, that if they were going to have aggressive operation they would first come in and shut down your electric grid and all of your electricity would go out and hut down your access to financial institution and grocery store has no electricity and no way to repair it any time soon . you know the financial services 60or and people wouldn't have access to cash. it would cause huge problems and we know that china has that as part of the capability . the first real private company and public report on the kinds of things they are pripaired to do was thra that. trying to crate chasos. they used to do it with boimings and now thape would do it with cybir attacks of epic porportions. >> i appreciate your vigilance on that. i don't think the average american heard these sceniarios that are played out. look forward to having you back soon. >> the president and vice-president and most democratics are pushing for gun control. but a number of women are gun owners and more than five million and twov them will join us next and tell >> week colorado democratic joe salaczar made
. firefighters say it took about four hours to put out the flames, but no one was hurt. >>> and in russia, famous french actor girard depardieu took part in a ceremony where his passport was stamped with his new russian address. vladimir putin granted depardieu depardieu -- >>> a terrible tragedy. isabelle perez was shot in the head by her mother, who shot and killed her two other children in denver earlier this month. isabelle survived the shooting, but was in a coma for more than a week. today, the toddler is opening her ice, breathing on her own, even talking a little. doctors shared a letter written by family members. >> isabelle is a miracle. she is a testament of strength and the resiliency our children can show during adversity and tragedy. >> the family added that it is grateful for the prayers and support it's received from around the world. >>> our coverage continues on the chinese new year parade in san francisco. we'll take you back out live to union square, where the festivities have just begun. >> and just two weeks after a major snowstorm, the northeast is bracing for yet another.
. if you want to compare the worst of the worst, germany, russia and poland during during the 20th century, the chance of the dawning of lord or violent deaths in any of those countries during the 20th century are several times slower than the chance of dying a violent deaths in most traditional society. it's not that people in traditional societies are more vicious. it is were is instrumented in modern societies because the government declares war and peace in the government declares peace, hotheaded young men who want to start a war are restrained from starting the war was in traditional society, there isn't a government are restrained sarcasm going back to work in. traditional societies are most cosmically. modern societies intermittently in the number shows the chance of dying a violent death in traditional societies have been the 10 times the chance. that's been a big surprise. >> another question. yes, gentleman to your right they are. >> with attention for more, we see in our own country in recent months just to much pure evil if you will. could you imagine in a traditional society
, we have to understand that for china, russia, other countries, this is a form of warfare. i'm not suggesting that the government takeover information security, but i think there are areas where government private-sector cooperation here is important. how to create defenses and for the government, what kind of offense cyber capability we need to deter the chinese and others from doing this. gerri: there are all kinds of different levels. there is out endowed intellectual property theft. there is, you know, goofing off. kids here in the u.s. to do this kind of thing. then there is -- what is out and no warfare in your mind? >> we need conceptually a ladder of escalation like we have had for many years in the nuclear area. what has been us fits in there, and we need to know what are proper response. right now we are just wondering. we are taking steps. i think we can catch up. recently had the capability. we have not focused on this. gerri: al leader. huckabee possibly be behind? >> because we have not seen the vulnerability that the chinese have seen. that is why i welcome thi
in the competition. post-soviet russia was some kind of a market economy and most of what it reward it was theft and they got an autocracy. we've got to be smart and thoughtful about what is being rewarded in the competition. i think your point is precisely right. if you go to a major law firm or health-care organizations, the most highly compensated are those actually doing the work. this is a place where state compensation schedules actually make it harder, even for the district who wanted to come to act on that principle. a final word of advice on all this, some of what we have talked about today may sound not a part of your responsibility. you're thinking in terms of statutory reform and legislation, execution, but there is a principal named walter jackson in houston who took over a turnaround school. these kids were reading at a second and third grade level. he needed people to actually knew how to teach second and third graders but these new english lit. even though the state of texas was enthusiastic about what they were doing, there are rules on the books concerning teachers of record in
, but what china and russia will do. >> the thing we should look for is, we are talking about the difference between offense and defense is key to understanding this area. i want to thank my guests today. michael hastings off thor of "panic 2012." thank you all. thank you for joining us. we'll be back next weekend saturday and sunday at 8:00 eastern time. our guest is "top chef" star. and he promises a makeover for the "up" pastry plate. coming up, melissa harris-perry. melissa set the table with an overload of constitutional brainy goodness. that's next. see you next week here on "up." [ dad ] find it? ya. alright, another one just like that. right in the old bucket. good toss! see that's much better! that was good. you had your shoulder pointed, you kept your eyes on your target. let's do it again -- watch me. just like that one... [ male announcer ] the durability of the volkswagen passat. pass down something he will be grateful for. good arm. that's the power of german engineering. ♪ back to you.
a restaurant there and sought citizenship in russia after france proposed a hefty tax on rich people like him. and remember the request for the perfect family --. >> alisyn: i do, tucker. and you're welcome. if you're looking for a spring break vacation and you don't want to be disappointed well, like the griswolds were in "family vacation" the senior editor of travelocity joins us, good to see you. >> great to see you. >> alisyn: i wish i talked to you a week ago, i returned from a great family vacation, but you have good deals for people out there. >> i do, indeed. >> alisyn: are they spring break deals. >> all spring break deals, we're nearly one week from the start of spring break and if you haven't booked yet you might be holding out for a good value. don't wait too long, the air fare is up 9%. >> tips and deals on the cheap. >> first, go to some unconventional spring break places and you get a better deal. for instance, a disney in colorado springs. >> well, this is' walt disney world, orlando, florida is the number one family destination for spring break and this is $748, five night fl
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)